J. J. Abrams’s STAR TREK

18 05 2009


1. For the first half hour or so, “Bones” McCoy repeated jabs James Tiberias Kirk in the neck with his hyperyringe, injecting him with one medical “treatment” after another and making him sicker and sicker. (Funny.) The plot of the film has rather the same effect on the viewer.

2. But the characters are almost uniformly cute and attractive–this being the real reason anybody who cares about this franchise wants to see this film. Three lingering questions: (a) Chris Pine, as Kirk, gives no signs of appetite at all–appetite for food, that is. But he’s relatively slim. How does this particular young fellow turn into the Kirk we all know and love so much, who clearly snacks every time he beams up? (b) The thing with Spock and Uhura, and then the later TV thing with Kirk and Uhura: what do these two things imply about Spock and Kirk? (c) Do they have dentists on Vulcan?  Beyond this, Eric Bana is rather mailing it in; Karl Urban isn’t really there; but everybody else is having a whale of a time getting smashed around as the shields give way and the photo torpedos do their nasty work.