Wanting WANTED

30 07 2008
A thousand years ago there was a band of weavers who formed a secret syndicate of assassins to rid the world of anyone their sacred Loom deemed wicked. They are still at it, and Morgan Freeman is keeper of the loom. If you can buy this much, perhaps you can enjoy WANTED …
… but the script, by the wholly Bushian Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the slick-slick-slick zoomwork by Mitchell Amundsen, and Timur Bekmambetov’s hyperstylish direction cannot turn even a powerful transformation of personality effected by the talented James McAvoy into a coherent film. There are references galore here, from THE TENTH VICTIM to Indiana Jones and “Luke, I am your father,” but none of this helps, either. Massive shedding of (human and animal) blood, all on the beat: in short, a fascist spectacle of the first order, arguing that certain people have the right to kill others because they think they should. Angelina Jolie wears gray make-up and can shoot a bullet in a curving orbit. In a creamy millennarian bathtub courtesy MINORITY REPORT all wounds are healed. Fancy sfx follow a speeding bullet all the way into a man’s skull. And so on.

Linguistic note: One has the distinct impression a memorandum was sent to the writers to include the word “fucking” as many times as possible in the first half hour.




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